Clear skin and other benefits of drinking water

Clear skin and other benefits of drinking water

Clear skin is good for your self esteem. Human beings are visual creatures and we judge people based on how they look. One of the cheapest ways of getting a clear skin is drinking plenty of water every day.

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Distilled water health benefits

Health benefits of distilled water

If you have reached this page you have probably been researching water distillers and distilled water drinking. You have probably read conflicting arguments. You may well have read about distilled water having almost magical properties - like ...
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Water distiller makes distilled water

How to use a water distiller to make distilled water

Find out how to use the Megahome Water Distiller to make distilled water at home
This video explains how to set up and use the Megahome water distiller:

This video tells you how to troubleshoot any problems you might have:
sources of water contamination

Is your drinking water slowly killing you?

By William Fryer MA Oxon
Britain has some of the cleanest tap water in Europe, but that does not mean that many of the additives and impurities present in tap water may well be doing you long-term damage.

So what ...
Importance of Hydration

Importance of Hydration & Rehydration

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hydration, Rehydration and Dehydration
Water is important for overall health. Rehydration means having enough water for your body to function normally. If you do not have enough water your kidneys get under stress ...
water purification types

Ways to purify tap water: Charcoal Filtered Water vs Reverse Osmosis vs Distilled Water vs Purified Water vs Demineralised Water

There are a number of methods available to purify/clean tap water. They range from methods you can use at home to produce a single jug of clean water, all the way up to massive industrial operations making clean water from sewage or the ocean’s salt ...
Water and weight loss

Water and weight loss

Whoever finds the secret of guaranteed weight loss will have answered the prayers of millions who struggle to shed weight. There probably is no single solution for everyone, but some very simple changes to lifestyle are proven to help – including ...
water distiller facts

Water Facts

There has been much excitement at the recent discovery of water on Mars. Finding water was one of NASA’s Martian probe Curiosity’s chief tasks. Water is considered by scientists to be the crucial building block of life – if there’s water ...
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