Formula 78

Sugar Free Distilled Drinking Water Supplement

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Formula 78 is the only low-sodium drinking water mineral supplement specifically designed for distilled drinking water as an alternative to isotonic sports drinks

Use Formula 78 to add essential minerals and trace elements to distilled drinking water

Isotonic sports drinks are a popular pick-me-up used by athletes and people with active lifestyles to provide electrolytes for hydration, increased muscle function and heat tolerance. However, the high sugar content of these products are increasingly being linked to diabetes and dental problems.

Formula 78 can be added to distilled drinking water to provide the same effect as a pure, all-natural, no sugar alternative to these products.

With Formula 78 you get complete control over the minerals you are taking into your body through your drinking water. Formula 78 contains a low-sodium balance of minerals and trace elements in the proportions your body needs them.

Distilled water can also become slightly acidic as it mildly bonds with Carbon Dioxide in the air - Formula 78 helps to balance the pH of your distilled drinking water.

Formula 78 is created using a natural, solar-concentration system in the Great Salt Lake of Utah in the USA. Solar evaporation ponds are used to harvest the pure and essential minerals in this supplement in the most natural way possible.

We worked with our supplier in Utah to develop Formula 78 so that it is the perfect and in fact the only mineral supplement for distilled drinking water.

The only mineral supplement specifically designed for distilled drinking water

As well as being Kosher and Halal, it is also GMO free and suitable for those partaking in a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free diet. We recommend adding half a teaspoon of Formula 78 to every one litre of distilled drinking water. Do not exceed the recommended intake. 100 servings per bottle.

We also recommend adding lemon or lime juice to flavour your Formula 78 electrolyte drink.

Ingredients: Sea Water, Liquid mineral concentrate, Distilled Water, Potassium Chloride

Caution: Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

Formula 56 or Formula 78?

Use Formula 56 as a supplement for your regular distilled drinking water; and Formula 78 if you are an athlete looking to create your own sugar-free isotonic sports drink. 


Per 2.5ml serving % RI* per serving RI* Adults
Magnesium 46mg 12 375mg
Chloride 398mg 50 800mg
Sodium 127mg   Not established
Potassium 132mg 7 2000
RI* - intake of average adult    






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