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This article is designed to cover everything you need to know about drinking distilled water. Let’s kick off with the first question everyone asks.

side effects to drinking distilled water

Are there any side effects to drinking distilled water?

This is an area of hot debate on the Internet. The short answer is that there are no side effects to drinking distilled water. However, there are a lot of myths.
The thing most people are concerned about is the lack of minerals present in distilled water. ...
aluminium in drinking water

Is aluminium found in drinking water linked to Alzheimer’s Disease?

There is a lot of chatter on the Internet about a link between aluminium found in drinking water and Alzheimer’s disease. In this article, we will examine the evidence.
Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia.
It affects 1 in 14 people over ...
What is distilled water used for?

What is distilled water used for?

Distilled water is water that has been boiled, turned into steam and then re-condensed as absolutely pure, (distilled) water. As well as a drinking water, distilled water has multiple uses both around the home and industrially.
Steam Irons
It's best ...

water fasting with distilled water

The health benefits and dangers of water fasting with distilled water

Water fasting with distilled water basically involves consuming only distilled water. This pushes your body into a state of starvation. It is a controversial therapy. Some people are keen advocates but others regard it as unnecessary or potentially dangerous.

distilled water for sleep apnoea

How to make distilled water for CPAP machines

Sleep apnoea is when you stop and start breathing during the night. As a result, you end up with poor oxygenation and the most common symptom is waking up with a headache.

fluoride in water

Fluoride: uses, dangers and side effects

Right now, the Government is preparing to add fluoride to drinking water across the UK. The reason for doing this is that fluoride is associated with lower levels of tooth decay, particularly in childhood.
However, Fluoride is also associated with hip ...
how to clean a water distiller

How to clean a water distiller? Step by step instructions

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your water distiller. And keeping your distiller clean will help it perform at its best.
Most people in the UK live in a hard water area which leads to scale build-up. If the scale is very thick, the heat from ...
distilled water for tropical plants

Why use distilled water for tropical plants?

All plants need water to live. However the type of water we choose for our plants can have a huge impact on their health and even the cleanliness of our homes. So, should you use distilled water for tropical plants? 

What is distilled water?
Water ...
water distillation process

Distilled water vs alkaline water – what is the difference?

We often get asked if alkaline water is better for you than distilled water due to the pH level, so we have decided to clear things up for you in this article. 
What is distilled water? 
Distilled water is created by boiling any water and then turning ...
bottled water

Bottled water: it harms you, your wallet and the planet

Every year 2.8 billion litres of bottled water in 7.7 billion bottles are consumed in the UK. The bottled water market is big, consumers shell out huge sums on bottled water and yet this fashionable convenience does nothing but harm. It is time we took ...
water distillers uk

Minerals and how to replace them if you drink distilled water

by William Fryer MA Oxon
Some people exclaim, “what about the minerals!?” when confronted with the prospect of mineral-free water. In a previous article I have explained why the whole mineral argument is not relevant because water is a poor source ...
Which water distiller should you buy

Which water distiller should you buy?

All the performance aspects are the same, across the range. There is no difference between the heating and cooling components of the different models (except the alcohol distiller which has a small difference in this aspect of the engineering).

water distiller quick fixes

Water Distiller Quick Fixes

As with all devices there are often things you can do to extend the life of the machine or simply make life easier. This is our list of things you can do to get the best out of your Megahome Water Distiller.

How to use the Alcohol Distiller

How to use the Alcohol Distiller - for alcohol distillation

Article outlining how one customer might use the Megahome Alcohol Distiller to produce their own distilled alcohol.

Do water distillers remove Chlorine & VOCs?

Do water distillers remove Chlorine & VOCs?

Megahome Distillers remove both chlorine and Volatile Organic Compunds. Here's how.

Is distilled water acidic

Is distilled water acidic and does it harm you?

Is distilled water acidic and does it have any effect on your body, for example leaching minerals from bones? In a word, "no". And here are the scientific facts on this subject.

Minerals and distilled water

Minerals, Distillers & Distilled Water

by William Fryer MA Oxon
Will distilled water “leach minerals from bones? Are you missing out on essential minerals if you drink distilled water? Should you remineralise distilled water? What about organic vs inorganic minerals? We get asked these questions ...
water ph value

Megahome Distiller Vs MakeWaterPure/Via Fosa Distiller

For a lot of people buying a water distiller the choice is generally between a Megahome or one of the cheaper Chinese copies sold under a range of different brands but in the UK mainly by MakeWaterPure and Via Fosa.

distilled water myths
distilled water machine

The benefits of distilled water

The human body is made up of over 50% water, so it is important to choose the type of water you drink carefully. Tap water and bottled water both contain chemicals that are out of your control; the only way to really know what you’re putting into your body is to use a water distiller.

chemicals  in your tap water
which drinks are the healthiest

Which drinks are the healthiest?

Now in the peak of Summer, it is more important than ever to make sure you stay hydrated in the warm weather. Instead of reaching for a fizzy drink which does your body no favours due to the amount of unhealthy ingredients and empty calories present, ...
79 Common Drinking Water Contaminants And Their Effects

79 Common Drinking Water Contaminants And Their Effects

A comprehensive list detailing all the common drinking water contaminants and their potential harmful effects

Only distillation followed by activated charcoal filtration will completely remove all these contaminants. We ...
Fluoride and Drinking Water

Fluoride and Drinking Water - uses, dangers and side effects

FluoriNe is a highly reactive chemical (similar to chlorine) and fluoriDe is the metal ion when fluorine is bound to another element in a compound. Fluoride is often added to water supplies as a way to reduce tooth decay in the local population. ...
Clear skin and other benefits of drinking water

Clear skin and other benefits of drinking water

Clear skin is good for your self esteem. Human beings are visual creatures and we judge people based on how they look. One of the cheapest ways of getting a clear skin is drinking plenty of water every day.

Image by  ...
Distilled water health benefits

Health benefits of distilled water

If you have reached this page you have probably been researching water distillers and distilled water drinking. You have probably read conflicting arguments. You may well have read about distilled water having almost magical properties - like ...
drinking water while exercising
Water distiller makes distilled water

How to use a water distiller to make distilled water

Find out how to use the Megahome Water Distiller to make distilled water at home
This video explains how to set up and use the Megahome water distiller:

This video tells you how to troubleshoot any problems you might have:
sources of water contamination

Is your drinking water slowly killing you?

By William Fryer MA Oxon
Britain has some of the cleanest tap water in Europe, but that does not mean that many of the additives and impurities present in tap water may well be doing you long-term damage.

So what ...
Importance of Hydration

Importance of Hydration & Rehydration

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hydration, Rehydration and Dehydration
Water is important for overall health. Rehydration means having enough water for your body to function normally. If you do not have enough water your kidneys get under stress ...
water purification types

Ways to purify tap water: Charcoal Filtered Water vs Reverse Osmosis vs Distilled Water vs Purified Water vs Demineralised Water

There are a number of methods available to purify/clean tap water. They range from methods you can use at home to produce a single jug of clean water, all the way up to massive industrial operations making clean water from sewage or the ocean’s salt ...
Water and weight loss

Water and weight loss

Whoever finds the secret of guaranteed weight loss will have answered the prayers of millions who struggle to shed weight. There probably is no single solution for everyone, but some very simple changes to lifestyle are proven to help – including ...
water distiller facts

Water Facts

There has been much excitement at the recent discovery of water on Mars. Finding water was one of NASA’s Martian probe Curiosity’s chief tasks. Water is considered by scientists to be the crucial building block of life – if there’s water ...
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