What’s really in your tap water?

Written by William Fryer - MA Oxon

There are many other substances in your water in addition to H2O. The majority of these chemicals are there to improve the water’s taste and are safe as the percentage found in water is miniscule.

Chemicals such as chlorine is added by the water companies to kill off any additional bacteria before it leaves the water plant, however there are some chemicals which won’t be added but may have infiltrated your water supply. These chemicals may include PAH (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons), lead, copper and zinc depending on the type of pipes installed in your home.

Water distiller

Among other trace chemicals in water, most water contains trace amounts of calcium and magnesium. High levels of these will make your water ‘hard’. Hard water doesn’t have an impact on health, however can make the water taste odd to those who aren’t accustomed to it, and causes limescale in kettles and irons. One study of a primary school in Nottingham also found evidence that calcium deposits found in tap water could irritate sensitive skin and trigger eczema.

One convenient way of avoiding these chemicals and ensuring you are drinking pure water is to drink bottled water. However, this can be a costly habit, and there are cheaper alternatives.

Rather than spending large amounts of money on bottled water – which is more expensive than petrol – a water distiller will provide pure water superior to any other method of filtration or purification.

Water distillers remove many water impurities that can lurk in water such as organic and inorganic chemicals, biological contaminants and radioactive substances. By filtering them out before you drink water, your body won’t need to work filtering them for you.

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