Water Distillers

General information related to drinking water distillers.

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Megahome Distiller Vs MakeWaterPure/Via Fosa Distiller

For a lot of people buying a water distiller the choice is generally between a Megahome or one of the cheaper Chinese copies sold under a range of different brands but in the UK mainly by MakeWaterPure and Via Fosa.

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What does a Water Distiller do and how does it work?

A water distiller purifies any water and removes all contaminants such as organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals and biological contaminants through the distillation process. A water distiller functions very simply.
You have a boiling vessel ...
Water distiller makes distilled water

How to use a water distiller to make distilled water

Find out how to use the Megahome Water Distiller to make distilled water at home
This video explains how to set up and use the Megahome water distiller:

This video tells you how to troubleshoot any problems you might have:
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