Stay hydrated while exercising with the Megahome Water Distiller

Written by William Fryer - MA Oxon

Did you know that when you exercise you could lose up to a litre of fluid in an hour

This is mainly lost through sweating and the air that you breathe out, and if water levels are not sustained you could quickly become dehydrated. 
Dehydration affects your health and overall performance; therefore it is vital to make sure you’re drinking enough water before, during and after exercising. 
A quick way of staying hydrated is by drinking distilled water. As distilled water enters your system more rapidly than tap water or even filtered water, your body processes it faster, making for fast-acting hydration. 
Your body can flush out distilled water quickly as the water purity is higher than tap water and with it comes excess toxins and waste from the body. 
Distilled water also helps to prevent water retention because there are no excess minerals included such as potassium, sodium and fluoride, which is why competitive bodybuilders and stage performers drink distilled water as it helps give them a defined physique. 
The Megahome Water Distiller ensures that you’re drinking water with a water purity of 99.99%, giving you clean water without any chemicals. It can purify four litres of water each time which is enough to keep you hydrated before, during and after exercising. 

Before exercise

Making sure you’re well hydrated before exercising will significantly help your performance and stamina. If your body is dehydrated, your heart will have to work harder as your body’s core temperature will rise faster, which can even lead to heat stroke. 
Drinking 400ml – 600ml in the two hours before you exercise will help keep you hydrated throughout.  

During exercise 

If possible, taking sips of water while exercising will really help prevent dehydration and enable you to exert yourself for longer periods of time. 
If you’re exercising for under an hour, water will keep your hydrated. If you’re exercising for over an hour you’ll need something more substantial such as a squash drink which contains sugar and will help keep you going. 

After exercise 

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After exercising it is important to replace the water that has been lost – as a guide, 1.5 litres of fluid should be drunk with every 1kg of body mass you lose. 
One of the key things is not to wait until you feel thirsty to drink as by then you will already be dehydrated, therefore it is important to drink small amounts regularly and the purer the water, the faster your recovery. Read more about the Megahome Water Distiller.