About Us

Megahome Water Distillers are the Ultimate Water Purifiers

Hello and welcome to megahome-distillers.co.uk

Megahome Distillers is the World's leading manufacturer of home water distillers. Megahome pioneered a design which has since been copied by a number of competitors, however, none have achieved the high standards of manufacture which Megahome are well-known for. The fact that Megahome water distillers give literally years of reliable service is the reason why Megahome owners are so passionate about their distillers.

In the UK, Megahome Distillers are distributed by Bill & Becki Fryer, we are a small business based in Warminster, Wiltshire. We have one employee, Sharon, who also works in the office. So if you call or visit, it will be one of us that you talk to.

We all drink distilled water ourselves and there's a high chance you might be offered a glass if you do visit.

We love Megahome water distillers because Megahome is the original and best - other water distillers are cheap copies of the Megahome. Also, in independent tests Megahome produces purer water than other distillers. The machines are also more compact than copy machines. And you can never really tell this from the photos but Megahome water distillers are built to last.

If you are going to drink purified water; distilled water is really the only option, it is purer than filtered or RO water. And if you want a water distiller that will work for years (if you look after it) then a Megahome is, in our opinion, the only real choice.