Water Distiller FAQs

Written by William Fryer - MA Oxon

1. How Does The Megahome Water Distiller Compare To Other Methods Of Purifying Water?

Steam distillation is a more effective method of purification than the two most common forms of filtration - carbon filtration and reverse osmosis. 

2. Is The Distiller Completely Free Of BPA?

The standard plastic collecting jug is BPA-free polypropylene. However, if you prefer a glass jug, this is available for a small additional cost. Most people get the glass jug option.

3. Why Does The Megahome Water Distiller Use A Charcoal Filter?

The charcoal filter catches any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as pesticides and solvents. A charcoal filter makes the water taste nicer too.

4. Will I Notice A Difference In Taste?

Yes, you will. Water that has been distilled and filtered tastes different to tap water. Most people find it tastes sweet and clean. Some customers’ find it takes a couple of days to get used to the new pure taste - when they try tap water again is tastes horrible by comparison.

5. How Much Does It Cost To Create My Pure Water?

It normally costs about 9p per litre in electricity - considerably cheaper than bottled water.

6. How Much Electricity Does A Water Distiller Use?

The average water distiller uses around 3 kilowatt hours to make 4 litres of distilled water. This equates to an average electricity cost of 10p per kilowatt hour, therefore each litre of distilled water costs around 7-8p to make.

7. How Long Does My Water Distiller Take To Work?

It takes around five to six hours to produce four litres of pure distilled water. Many customers fill it and leave it to run overnight as it switches itself off automatically.

8. I’ve Read Bad Things About Drinking Distilled Water On The Internet, What’s The Truth?

There are a lot of myths flying around. If you are worried read this article: Nine Myths about Drinking Distilled Water (and why they are complete twaddle).

9. Does The Water Touch Any Plastic Or Aluminium?

All Megahome Water Distillers use a stainless steel tube in the condenser head and, in the glass bottle version, the carbon filter housing is lined with glass.

10. Do You Need To Supplement Distilled Water With Minerals?

You do not need to supplement your distilled water with minerals because the mineral content of water is already quite low, therefore you get the majority of your minerals from the food you eat. However, you can choose to add minerals to your distiller water if you want to. 

11. Reverse Osmosis Or Distilled Water – Which Is Better?

The water distillation process is much more effective that reverse osmosis as water distillation leaves your water 99.99% pure. The added charcoal filter included with the Megahome Water Distiller improves water purity further. Water distillation is also a much easier process.

12. Does Distilled Water Become Acidic?

Distilled water is slightly acidic because carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is dissolved into the water, resulting in a very dilute solution of carbonic acid. However, this miniscule amount of acidity is easily dealt with by your digestive system and will not affect any bodily functions. 

13. What Is Included In The Price?

Your Deluxe Water Distiller is supplied with absolutely everything you need for six months of distillation and our water distillers come in either black or white. When you need new supplies, just come back to JD Harris:

- Stainless Steel Water Distiller (choose black or white fittings)

- Power lead

- 4 litre collection jug (choose plastic of glass)

- 250g residue cleaner

- 6 active carbon filters