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Distilled water vs alkaline water – what is the difference?

We often get asked if alkaline water is better for you than distilled water due to the pH level, so we have decided to clear things up for you in this article. 
What is distilled water? 
Distilled water is created by boiling any water and then turning ...
bottled water

Bottled water: it harms you, your wallet and the planet

Every year 2.8 billion litres of bottled water in 7.7 billion bottles are consumed in the UK. The bottled water market is big, consumers shell out huge sums on bottled water and yet this fashionable convenience does nothing but harm. It is time we took ...
chemicals  in your tap water
79 Common Drinking Water Contaminants And Their Effects

79 Common Drinking Water Contaminants And Their Effects

A comprehensive list detailing all the common drinking water contaminants and their potential harmful effects

Only distillation followed by activated charcoal filtration will completely remove all these contaminants. We ...
Fluoride and Drinking Water

Fluoride and Drinking Water - uses, dangers and side effects

FluoriNe is a highly reactive chemical (similar to chlorine) and fluoriDe is the metal ion when fluorine is bound to another element in a compound. Fluoride is often added to water supplies as a way to reduce tooth decay in the local population. ...
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Is your drinking water slowly killing you?

By William Fryer MA Oxon
Britain has some of the cleanest tap water in Europe, but that does not mean that many of the additives and impurities present in tap water may well be doing you long-term damage.

So what ...
water purification types

Ways to purify tap water: Charcoal Filtered Water vs Reverse Osmosis vs Distilled Water vs Purified Water vs Demineralised Water

There are a number of methods available to purify/clean tap water. They range from methods you can use at home to produce a single jug of clean water, all the way up to massive industrial operations making clean water from sewage or the ocean’s salt ...
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Water Facts

There has been much excitement at the recent discovery of water on Mars. Finding water was one of NASA’s Martian probe Curiosity’s chief tasks. Water is considered by scientists to be the crucial building block of life – if there’s water ...
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