How to clean a water distiller? Step by step instructions

Written by William Fryer - MA Oxon

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your water distiller. And keeping your distiller clean will help it perform at its best.

Most people in the UK live in a hard water area which leads to scale build-up. If the scale is very thick, the heat from the heating element cannot adequately get through and your distiller machine can overheat. A regular physical clean helps to prevent scale build-up. Add a small amount of water to the distiller drum and wipe it with a non-stick scourer. This will help reduce the build-up of limescale.

Distillers should be cleaned approximately every 3-4 weeks, with regular, short cleans after each distillation. Give the boiling vessel a quick clean with a non-stick, non-scratch cleaner sponge after each distillation. 

Cleaning the distiller base

Step 1

Fill base to full line with hot water from the tap, if possible. 

It is ok if the water is not hot but it will take slightly longer because the water needs to be heated to boiling point. 

Step 2

Add 2 generous tablespoons of the distiller cleaning crystals (made of citric acid), turn on the machine with the on/off button and press the reset button. 

There will be no sound. 

Step 3

Let the water boil for around 30 minutes then switch off and let the water cool down.  

Step 4

Pour the water away and rinse the distiller base. 

Tip 1

If the limescale is particularly stubborn, add more crystals and boil for longer. 

Tip 2

Set a timer. The machine will not turn off automatically because the lid is not on.

Cleaning the distiller lid

Step 1

Remove the seal (remembering which way it goes back on). 

Step 2

Unscrew the 3 cross head screws and remove the plastic casing. 

Step 3

With the help of another person pull off the fan (you have to be firm), then pull off the condensing tube. 

Step 4

Wash the fan and casing in warm, soapy water. 

Please do NOT immerse the condensing tube in water, hold under a running tap and use a sponge or brush. 

Step 5

Wipe down the remainder of the lid that you now have access to. 

Step 6

Dry everything and put back together.

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