Delivery Information

This article explains our policies for: shipping, moneyback guarantees and manufacturers' warranties.

Cost of shipping

Shipping costs are based on the weight of different items and the varying costs reflect the differing costs of shipping different sizes and weights.

Working out shipping costs is a complex task and sometimes a shipping cost may not be available, for example with a particularly large order or when sending an order to smaller foreign countries. If you experience problems related to shipping during the checkout process call us on 01985 606044 (inside UK) or +44 1985 606044 (outside UK) or email

Moneyback guarantees

To claim a moneyback guarantee the product needs to be returned to us in "as new" condition in its original packaging so that it can be resold. Because we are a mail order company the idea behind the moneyback guarantee is that it gives you time to fully evaluate a product which you cannot feel and touch.

We will refund the cost of the product but not the cost of the original post and packaging. Also, you are responsible for getting the product to us.

Lifetime moneyback guarantees apply to the lifetime of the purchaser and cannot be passed on.

All our moneyback guarantees apply only to people living in the British Isles and do not apply to trade customers making bulk purchases.

To claim a moneyback guarantee phone us first on 01985 60 60 44, tell us what you are sending back and we will tell you where to send it.

Manufacturer warranties

Most of our products also carry some kind of warranty against manufacturing defects. Basically if your product breaks within the warranty period we will fix it. Generally speaking, proof of purchase is not required because there should be a record of your purchase on our system, but is helpful if you can supply us with an order number if you know it.

If you drop something and break it, this kind of damage is not covered by warranty.

If you have a problem with a product, phone us first on 01985 606044, a lot of problems can be solved over the phone. If that does not fix it then we will ask you to send it in to us. When you send it in please include as much of the original packaging as possible and wrap it up really well. (Stuff can get bumped around in the post).

You are responsible for the cost of returning the item to us, we will cover the cost of sending it back to you.

Warranty repairs apply worldwide.