Dehydration In the summer and how to prevent it

Written by William Fryer - MA Oxon

Summer 2021 is well on its way and with the sun shining and temperature rising, many of us will be heading outside to play sports, catch a tan, swim in the sea or take a hike through the countryside. When you’re having fun in the sun, you feel care free, but you should keep an eye on your water intake, otherwise you face the threat of dehydration which can really spoil the party!

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What is dehydration?

Dehydration is the effect on your body when it loses more fluid than it takes in. This can upset the balance of minerals (salts and sugars) within your body which can have serious repercussions. Those minerals are needed to keep your body functioning normally and healthily. Over two thirds of your body is made up of water and it plays a big part in the proper functioning of your body by lubricating joints, aiding digestion, flushing out toxins and keeping your skin healthy.

What causes dehydration?

Dehydration is much more of a threat in the summer, as hot temperatures cause us to sweat in order to lower our body temperature. However, this water does need replacing and if you don’t drink at least as much water as you are losing, you will start to dehydrate. Higher levels of activity, such as playing sports or running in the summer also mean that our bodies are losing more water, but diet also plays a part too. You can also become dehydrated when you are ill or after drinking alcohol, which will make you feel a lot worse so be sure to refill those water supplies!

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

When you start to become dehydrated, your body is going to let you know about it. These symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe, depending on how much fluid your body has lost. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you may be suffering from dehydration:

·         Feeling very thirsty, with a dry mouth, lips or eyes

·         Dark coloured urine

·         Infrequent urinating, passing only a small amount each time

·         Tiredness and light-headedness

·         Headaches

·         A loss of strength and stamina

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may well be suffering from dehydration. It is wise to tackle the problem sooner rather than later, before severe dehydration kicks in which can cause more serious problems such as fits, confusion and even death.

What to do if you become dehydrated this summer?

Fortunately there is a very easy solution to prevent and reverse the effects of dehydration; simply drink more fluids! Drink more water and possibly mix it with a fruit juice and a salty snack to replace the lost sugars and salts. You could also purchase oral rehydration solutions to mix with your drink, which are especially helpful when a large amount of fluids have been lost due to illness such as diarrhoea. It is suggested that adults drink around two litres of water on an average day. We suggest that you use our Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller, which holds up to 4 litres of water. This way, you will be drinking the cleanest, purest water and can keep a track of your water intake throughout the day. Find out more about the Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller here.