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Water Infographic for Megahome

2013-10-31 11:31:10


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Common water pollutants

2013-10-01 13:09:50

There are many types of pollutants that may jeopardize the quality of water. One common pollutant is detergents and fertilisers. These wastes normally contain nitrates and phosphate nutrients. If these nutrients are in excess, they may have effects such as uncontrolled algae growth in water. If detergents are disposed off in water ways, they will have some negative effects. For instance, they will destroy external mucus layers of fish that protect them from parasites. Detergents lower the ...

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Importance of Rehydration

2013-09-27 07:16:43

Water is important for overall health. Rehydration ensures that the amount of water necessary for your body to function normally is enough. People drink water to remain rehydrated properly. Rehydration prevents dehydration, which occurs during breathing, sweating and excretion. Your body makes use of a combination of eating and drinking to remain sufficiently rehydrated.

Rehydration is important for the most effective athletic performance. Lack of clean water can prevent people from dr...

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Why drinking water is important during exercise

2013-08-20 10:51:20

A lot of gym enthusiasts and people who exercise in any way whether it is running, walking, through sport at many different levels don't realise how essential it is to keep your body hydrated.

As we exercise we sweat which in regular terms means we lose water through exercise. We are as human beings made up of nearly 66% water and this fact sometimes can be lost. Water is what our body needs to live, without it we cease to live within a few days to a week. When we excercise this need f...

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Volatile Organic Compounds in Water

2013-07-19 13:18:29

For the past decade or so the food industry has been talking a lot about organic foods. Organic is seen as the holy grail in healthy and safe foods. Organic fertilisers and pesticides are used, very little or no artificial chemicals are used in the production of the food. Supposedly the food tastes better and many argue that it is healthier. Organic is a bit of a “weasel word” though. If you remember your GCSE English you might recall talking about words that give one impression but ac...

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Carbon Filtration vs Reverse Osmosis vs Water Distiller

2013-07-09 09:33:21

There are a number of methods of obtaining clean drinking water. They range from methods you can use at home to produce a single jug of clean water, taking tap water from the faucet all the way up to massive industrial operations making clean water from sewage or the ocean’s salt water. The three main ways are Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and a Water Distiller.

Carbon Filtration

If you have watched documentaries from either of the World Wars you are probably familiar with t...

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How much water should we drink?

2013-05-27 08:02:04

Without water, we die, quickly, much more quickly from dehydration than from starvation. Water is probably the single most important substance in our bodies. Up with the air that we breathe it is what makes us work. We are around ¾ water, it is in our blood and most of our cells, it transmits nutrients round the body and helps flush the bad stuff away.

We lose water through sweat and through our urine and it is important that we replace it.

Thirst is, in fact, a lagging indicator....

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Water and weight loss

2013-05-22 14:57:07

Whoever finds the secret of guaranteed weight loss will have answered the prayers of millions who struggle to shed weight. There probably is no single solution for everyone, but some very simple changes to lifestyle are proven to help – including the simplest of them all, drinking water.

Research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2008 and 2010 provided the first scientific evidence that water could help with weight loss.

The study that found this wa...

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Diluting Whisky With Water

2013-05-07 15:55:58

Diluting whisky with water




Water is a strange commodity. It is so simple, ubiquitous and essential to us that most see it as one of the most normal things in life. It is only when we are taken outside our comfort zone do we begin to notice it. If you have moved from your home town to a different city, you probably had a shock when you first drank the water from the tap. It tasted different. It is still water, but it is not the water you knew and were accustomed to.

Aside from the health ...

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Water Facts

2013-04-04 11:47:51

There has been much excitement at the recent discovery of water on Mars. Finding water was one of NASA’s Martian probe Curiosity’s chief tasks. Water is considered by scientists to be the crucial building block of life – if there’s water on Mars, there may once have been Martians.

We all need water to stay alive. Here are some facts about the most important substance on our planet.

1 – If we know one chemical formula, it’s likely to be that for water, H20. The H stands ...

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Myths About Distilled Water

2013-02-25 10:06:23

Distilled water is the purest water you can drink. That should surely make it the healthiest fluid you can drink.

However, some myths have persistently hung around drinking distilled water and help put some people off this wonderful, pure drink. 

1 – Distillation makes water “useless”

Water is the foundation of all life on this planet. Without it, you will die very quickly.

Distillation removes all the contaminants that can make water dangerous, so will it also take ...

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